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How to help your teen Transition back to school


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Staying healthy during the HSC

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Helping children cope with stress during the 2019-Covid outbreak

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Reach Out!

Mercy College has teamed up with Reach Out to provide resources to help students, parents throughout this recent COVID 19 outbreak.

Simply click on the icon below to read more about the help that is available and contact details of various organisation.

This resource is for use during this time of lockdown. It is a curated and created collection of prayers and reflections , with a Mercy focus and theme, that can be used in a variety of situations. Please take the opportunity to read through the prayers and share the time with each other. I also encourage you to create a small sacred space in your home, where you can take a moment of peace in your day. There is an example at the end of the booklet. Please contact me if you would like any further guidance or direction for spirituality in your home during this time of difficulty.



Students are encouraged to develop strong relationships and interact in a positive way with their peers, other students and staff.

Mercy Catholic College recognises the worth of each individual. We value the role of the individual with in our community, encouraging the understanding that rights must be balanced by responsibilities.

This expectation also extends to discipleship and their responsibility as global citizens. We aim to enhance the wellbeing of each student and develop a sense of social responsibility.

Students are encouraged to develop strong relationships and interact in a positive way with their peers, other students and staff. Specialised staff including the Director of Student Wellbeing, College Counsellor and the Youth Minister work with students on a wide variety of projects involving faith development, social justice and wellbeing.

Students are assisted to develop an understanding of the importance of personal goals, their words, actions and commitment, in relation to learning and living in the College and wider community.

Based on a framework of positive psychology our well-developed pastoral care structure allows support for student’s wellbeing. The framework is also supported by programmes including our Rise Programme and the Vertical Tutor Group system structured around the College Houses – Mercy, McAuley, Coolock and Stormanston.

RISE Wellbeing Programme.

Throughout the year the students will participate in the RISE Wellbeing programme. The RISE programme is about building a better sense of self, connectedness with those around us and in our community and understanding the importance of fostering positive relationships and empathy. Many studies have shown good wellbeing goes hand in hand with learning engagement, academic success and self-efficacy. It is hard to have one without the other.

RISE stands for:

  1. Relational – fostering positive relationships and also knowing how to handle relationships that break down.
  2. Inspire – it is hoped the programme will help students learn more about themselves, feel inspired and more able to handle situations.
  3. Spiritual – as a Catholic College we draw on our faith to help us deal with people and situations.
  4. Empower – it is hoped the programme will help students feel empowered to move forward, to go out of their comfort zone, grow and be independent articulate, young women.