Inside our Classroom

Mercy Catholic College has a long history of academic excellence and we believe that education is about individual growth.

Student Development

At Mercy Catholic College, we recognise the needs of our students are diverse and therefore constantly aim to develop courses and apply teaching strategies that accommodate different learning styles, rates of learning and learning abilities, so that each individual experiences growth.

By providing a nurturing and supportive environment we encourage students to develop their potential and become self-motivated, life-long learners.

Course Selection

A wide range of courses are offered and throughout their time at the College students are given informed advice around subject choices which balances personal interest with the correct progression through to university, TAFE and other tertiary study.

Report Processes

The College places great importance on the reporting of student performance to parents. This is accomplished through two formal written reporting periods in the academic year and a Parent / Student / Teacher Interview held throughout the year.


Each year, Mercy Catholic College undertakes a process of planning goals and priorities for Information Communication and Learning Technologies (ICLT). This plan draws on the experiences and successes of the previous years and identifies areas which require strengthening and improvement as well as areas of innovation. This plan also takes in account the national and state educational agendas, the technology agenda for the Diocese and school-based concerns and initiatives supporting teaching and learning at the College.

Staff and students have on-site and remote access to learning resources via Google Classroom. Students are granted secure Wi-Fi access at school to their laptops via the Dioceses’ BYOD program. There is ongoing review of digital educational resources and targeted training for staff and students.

Technology Support

The College’s IT infrastructure is supported by the Dioceses’ Digital Enablement department. There is onsite support available for staff and students provided by a Frontline Support Trainee who is employed by Digital Enablement.