Inside our Classroom

Mercy Catholic College students are able to study a wide array of languages through the NSW School of Languages and Saturday School of Community Languages.

Two languages, French and Italian, are offered as electives in Year 9, however the College, strongly encourages students to pursue a language in which they are already literate or have a special interest in.

Often, Mercy Catholic College presents for the Higher School Certificate, candidates for ten to twelve different languages at various proficiency levels.

For those languages not offered at the College, students are enrolled for their studies at the NSW School of Languages and Saturday School of Community Languages.

Our Languages Co-ordinator at the College oversees student performance and liaises with outside providers.

Students may begin with these providers anytime from Year 9 through to Year 12, please note that additional external provider fees may apply.

The level at which a student will study the language depends on a number of factors that will be determined by the College’s Languages Co-ordinator in conjunction with the provider.

Students considering undertaking language study through NSW School of Languages and Saturday School of Community Languages are expected to show a willingness to be independent learners and exhibit a mature approach in managing their time efficiently.

Students taking these languages through to the Higher School Certificate will sit the examinations at Mercy Catholic College.

Examples of Languages studied outside the College include:

  • Armenian
  • Chinese (all levels)
  • Filipino
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Modern Greek
  • Persian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish