Why Us
Catholic Identity

Educate women for the twenty-first century to take their rightful and recognised roles as individuals within communities through the domains of faith, learning, leadership, relationships, environment and identity.

The formation of students in Catholic discipleship is pursued within the Mercy ethos, which stresses the importance of hospitality, shared ministry and a concern for the poor and marginalised.

At Mercy Catholic College we strive to create a dynamic faith community where parents are recognised as the prime religious educators of their children, and teachers, through their vocation, as giving assistance to parents in this role.

Engagement with the religious curriculum, social justice initiatives and the liturgical life of the College provides students and staff with opportunities to develop their relationship with God and others.

The College aims to foster a spirit of inquiry and a reflective disposition to learning, so as to provide students with a strong foundation for making realistic, life giving choices in their journey as Catholics.

At Mercy Catholic College, we are committed to providing liturgical experiences which reflect the life of the community, celebrate God among us and affirm the leadership of women in ritual and ministry. Liturgy reflects the cycle of the Church’s seasons; the stages in the life journey of the individual and responds to events, developments and crises which touch the human community.

Communal experiences of prayer and Eucharist are essential and formative experiences for our students. All students are encouraged to be involved, and many demonstrate leadership at these special occasions.

The College Liturgy Prefect and Liturgy Representatives (Years 7-11) work in partnership with the Religious Education Co-ordinator, the Youth Ministry Co-ordinator, the Religious Education Team, musicians, artists and dancers to create meaningful rituals which engage the whole community.

The College is closely involved with Our Lady of Dolours Parish and our masses are led by priests from the parish. College liturgies are held once a month and students attend mass for the commencement of the school year, Ash Wednesday, Mercy Day, Year 12 Graduation, Advent and significant celebrations in the Diocese.

Retreats and Reflection Days provide students with the time to reflect on God and on life, to be creative, and to interact with others in a Christian context as well as providing a memorable experience of Christian community, where the individual person is valued and the communal experiences of liturgy, celebration and reflection are encouraged.

In addition to these opportunities, the College runs the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA course) which is a programmes of Christian leadership and spiritual formation and enrichment. Year 9 students are invited to elect to study the CSYMA course as part of the Religious Education programmes in Year 10.

The Chapel is the heart of our College and we are strengthened through prayer and the spirit of the Sisters of Mercy to continue their mission. Originally part of the new convent which was completed in 1969, in 2013 the Chapel was refurbished, maintaining the original features including beautiful stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, original altar and tabernacle to provide a place of prayer and contemplation for our community.