Beyond our Classroom
Creative Arts

The Creative Arts Faculty offers a wide range of co-curricular and enrichment opportunities at Mercy Catholic College.

Co-curricular activities also add to the life and spirit of the College and are a tangible way of connecting to the community and involving parent participation through various performance and exhibition opportunities.

Enrichment activities in Creative Arts include the opportunity to take part in numerous art competitions including the Pixel Photographic Prize, the Bishop’s Art Prize and the Mosman Youth Art Prize.

Creative Arts Co-curricular and Enrichment Activities


Mercy Catholic College offers 2 types of Dance Groups to students. Both of these Groups are provided by external suppliers and payment is made directly to the teacher.

Recreational Dance Ensemble

This Dance Group is open to Year 7-12 students who are interested in Dance and performing. Students enjoy music and movement, keep fit and healthy with friends and develop performance experience. All ability levels are welcome. All Dance Groups showcase their talents at the College’s Annual Creative Arts Showcase held in November each year. Dance is held Monday afternoons in the Flexible Learning Space.

Competitive Dance Ensemble

The Dance performance Ensemble will offer students the opportunity to gain experience at competitions, festivals and various College based events throughout the year. Classes currently offered are Jazz, Hip Hop and Contemporary. Participation in the programme requires a full year commitment and entry is via audition. Registration and class fees apply.
N.B. Additional costs may be incurred.


Enrich, Encourage, Empower

 Drama Club

Drama Club is a fun, supportive environment where experiences in dramatic arts help students develop confidence and self-esteem.

  • Open to students in Years 7 and 8.
  • Develop skills in voice, movement, improvisation, play building (Semester 1) and script work (Semester 2).
  • Programs alternate each year.
  • Opportunity to perform for family and friends.

Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm Year 7 & 8
Thursday 3:30-4:30pm Year 7&8
Where: MCC Drama Space
Cost: $280 per semester (8 lessons per term, W2-9)

Click here for course detail and Registration Form

For further information, contact Mrs Caron

Music Programmes
Any interested students are encouraged to become involved in the wide range of optional musical activities at Mercy College. Girls who are studying Elective Music in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 are expected to be involved in at least one co-curricular music group.

The 2024 Co-Curricular Music Staff consists of:

  • Ms Emma McWade Music Teacher, Stage Band & Chamber Choir Director
  • Mr Matthew Robertson Music Teacher, Pop Choir & Rock Band Director
  • Ms Stella Lu Music Teacher & Liturgical Ensemble Director


  • Mrs Wendy Vardouniotis String Ensemble – Violin & Viola Tutor
  • Mr Joseph Zarb Guitar Ensemble – Guitar & Bass Tutor
  • Mr Mark Strykowski Concert Band Director & Brass Tutor
  • Ms Patricia Amphlett Singing Tutor
  • George Yang – Cello Tutor
  • Eleanor Brimblecomb – Clarinet & Saxophone Tutor
  • Nyeve Mackenzie – Low Brass Tutor
  • Mr Chris Haigh – Drum/Percussion Tutor
  • Ms. Mari Matsuda Piano Tutor
  • Mrs Donna Greig Flute Tutor

Co-Curricular Music Programmes Offered

Concert Band – Director: Mr Mark Strykowski

The College Concert Band rehearses each Tuesday morning at 7.30am in the Flex and represents the school at a variety of functions throughout the year. Girls in the Concert Band must be receiving lessons on their instrument (either through the College or outside the College). At Mercy, Band members have access to private tuition on a variety of instruments.

Stage Band – Director: Mrs Emma McWade

Stage Band rehearses at lunch each Wednesday in C35. The Stage Band consists of a rhythm section (drum kit, piano, bass, guitar) and melodic section (brass, saxophone & other woodwind). Members of the Stage Band must also be part of the Concert Band program.

Band Fees:
The annual fee for Bands is $180, paid through Qkr! NB The fee covers both Bands, should the students commit to both Ensembles.

Choral Programme

The College offers:

Chamber Choir – Director: Mrs Emma McWade

The Chamber Choir is the flagship choir at Mercy. Any student who is confident reading music and singing in multiple parts is encouraged to audition. The Chamber Choir rehearses each Wednesday from 7.30am – 8.30am. The Chamber Choir performs at a range of competitions, school and community events.

Pop Choir – Director: Mr Matthew Robertson

The Pop Choir is a general choir that requires a brief audition to determine students’ voice types. All students are encouraged to join. The Pop Choir rehearses each Monday at lunch in C35 and performs at a range of events throughout the year.

Choir Fees:
The Annual Choir fee is $75 NB The fee covers both Choirs, should the students commit to both.

Small Ensembles Programme

  • String Ensemble: Director: Mrs Wendy Vardouniotis
    Any student who plays violin, viola, cello or double bass is encouraged to join.
  • Guitar Ensemble: Director: Mr Jose Zarb
     Any student who plays guitar, bass or ukulele is encouraged to join.
  • Rock Band: Director: Mr Matthew Robertson
    The ensemble is only open to Elective Music students (Year 9 – 12) that plays an instrument appropriate for a rock/pop band i.e. voice, guitar, bass, drum kit, keyboard/piano/synth. There is no charge for this ensemble in 2024.
  • Flute Choir: Director: Ms Donna Greig
    Any student who plays the flute.

Small Ensemble Fees: Ensemble programs run for 9 weeks of every term. Ensemble fees cover the costs of external tutors who direct and manage the ensemble, sheet music, eisteddfod entry fees and external accompanists. The 2024 fee for each ensemble is $195 (excluding Flute which is $160)  per Semester, paid using Qkr! Fees are not refundable, as girls are expected to remain in their ensembles for the Semester.

Music Camp

The planning for Music Camp is underway for a mid-year camp. Details will be provided in Term 1.

Private Instrumental Programme

Private tutoring is available for students. All financial arrangements are made between the tutors, the students, and their parents. The following instruments are available for private tuition (subject to demand)

  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Voice
  • Trumpet/Brass
  • Saxophone
  • Guitar/Bass
  • Violin/Viola/Cello
  • Drum kit/Percussion

Lessons Fees:

Lessons are offered 1 x 30 minute lesson per week – the cost is $45. Accounts for private music lessons will be issued by the tutor by Week 4 of each term.

Fees must be paid within 4 weeks of receiving the account. If fees have not been paid by the end of the term, students will not be allowed to continue lessons the following term. Lessons can be recommenced once the amount owed for the previous term has been paid.
The music tutor will sometimes order music books, etc. for the students. These costs are to be met by the parents and paid directly to the music tutor. Any students entering for practical examinations pay an entrance fee directly to the tutor who will organise details with the various Examinations Boards.

Please Note:

In the event of withdrawal before the examination, fees are not refundable from the Examination Boards. Music tuition fees are non-refundable.

Lesson Structure:
Lesson times are outlined to students at the commencement of term from the tutor. Tutors will email or message parents of the weekly lesson times. Weekly timetables of student lessons are also posted on the music notice board. It is the responsibility of students to check these times each week. Where possible seniors will be given lesson times outside of class time. For all other students, the tutor will rotate lesson times each week throughout the term so that students do not consistently miss the same classes. It is the responsibility of the student to catch up on any missed class work. All students must take their school diaries to every music lesson so that the tutor can sign the date and time of every lesson.

Missed Lessons
Students are required to give their music tutor ample notice (minimum of 48 hours) should they need to reschedule a lesson – this includes school events e.g. excursions, exams, sports carnivals etc. Students are responsible for informing their individual instrumental tutor. If the appropriate notice is received the lesson will be re-scheduled.
In the event of illness, parents are required to give the tutor as much notice as possible. If a student is absent from a lesson due to illness they will be expected to contact the tutor directly no later than 7.00am on the day of the lesson.

If a student leaves her instrument at home on the day of her lesson she must still attend the lesson. No student is to borrow another students’ instrument.

Where a lesson is missed with no explanation, the lesson will not be made up and the lesson fee will be charged. Music tutors will contact parents informing them when lessons have been missed with no explanation.

Withdrawal from Program

If a student decides to withdraw from lessons, 4 weeks’ notice must be given in writing to the tutor and to Mr Matthew Robertson (Co-curricular co-ordinator). Failure to do so will result in 4 weeks fees being payable.

2024 Weekly Ensemble Rehearsals and Lesson Times

Day Ensemble and Lessons
Monday Singing lessons

Drum lessons

Pop Choir – lunch in C35

Tuesday Concert Band from 7:30am in the Flex

Brass lessons

Piano lessons

Guitar/Bass lessons

Wednesday Chamber Choir from 7:30am in C34

Stage Band – lunch in C35

Thursday String Ensemble from 7:30am  in C35

Clarinet/Saxophone lessons

Violin/Viola lessons

Flute lessons – lunch in C36

Friday Guitar Ensemble from 7:30am  in C35

Guitar/Bass lessons from

Rock Band (Elective Music only) – lunch in C35

Note: Lesson times are approximate. Ensembles may occasionally need to change day due to school events, public holidays etc. Students will be notified by Compass for any changes to rehearsal times.

For more information click Mercy Music – Music Information 2024 or please contact
Emma McWade or (02) 7256 2120
Matthew Robertson or (02) 7256 2120

Register your Expression of interest for MCC Co-curricular Music here

Register your Expression of interest for MCC Co-curricular Instrumental Lessons here