Beyond our Classroom
Other Activities

Mercy Catholic College students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of different activities.

Maths Club

The objective of the club is twofold; to explore the many varied fields in the world of mathematics but also provide girls with assistance and guidance. Students have an opportunity to ask Mathematics teachers as well as senior students queries and questions about the work they are covering in class. Other activities can involve looking at mathematics in the real world with unusual solutions. These problems are explored from a mathematical perspective and ongoing assistance can be provided to consolidate and/or extend the girls current knowledge.

Date:  Mondays

Time: 1:35pm to 2:05pm (lunchtime)

Location: A4

Entry Requirements: Open to all students

Club Convener: Mathematics Teacher

Homework Club and Study Club

Both the Homework and Study Clubs provide a quiet space where students can come to focus on their academic studies in an open and supportive environment. They can use the time to complete homework, conduct research, prepare for assessments or seek assistance with any concepts that require additional explanation. There is a teacher and some senior students in attendance who can provide guidance to those participants who would like to improve their organisational and time management skills, understanding of course content or to discuss academic topics of interest to them. Students can come to these Clubs as it suits their schedule and individual needs and can stay for the entire time or a portion thereof.

Date: Thursday

Time: 3.20pm-4.30pm (after school)

Location: Library

Study Club

Entry Requirements: Open to all students

Club Convenor: Fiona Munro

Walking Club

Walking Club meets once a week on Thursday lunchtime at 1:30pm where staff and students embark on a walk through the leafy suburb of Chatswood to Beauchamp Park and Playground. Students have found the Walking Club to be a good stress release and concentration booster. Aside from the many physical health benefits such as a fun form of exercise, students also enjoy the social activity of chatting while they walk and socialise with peers.

Date: Every Thursday (weather permitting)

Time: 1:25pm to 2:05pm (lunchtime)

Location: Meet at the top gates at the beginning of lunch and return to the College before the end of lunch.

Entry Requirements: Open to all students from Years 7 to 12. There is no cost and students can participate as often as they would like. Parent permission is not required as it is included in the Student Enrolment Form.

Club Conveners: Viviana Oliver, Yamini Tailor, Andrea Cleary

Crochet Club

Students can come along to learn to Crochet. The art of creating textiles by using a crochet hook to interlock loops of yarn, thread, or strands of materials.

Date:  Thursday

Time: 1:25pm to 2:05pm (lunchtime)

Location: C28

Entry Requirements: Open to all students. No previous experience is necessary.

Club Convener: Sandra Kelly

Mercy Book Club

The Lunchtime Book Club meets once a week and provides students with a friendly and supportive environment in which they can share and engage in lively discussion surrounding their love of literature. In addition to this, students develop confidence in speaking in front of a group, and are required to engage in reflection and critical thinking regarding their reading experiences. Open to any interested student who would like to attend.

Date: Every Tuesday

Time: Lunchtime

Location: Library

Club Convener: Siobhan Betts

Mercy Action Group (MAG)

The Mercy Action Group (MAG) provides opportunities for students who are passionate about Mercy and Justice in the World. MAG girls are invited to meet every week to learn about and take action on an issue or topic of importance. Students who attend develop their confidence and skills in leadership and communication, advocating for areas of interest, working together towards enacting social change. For more information click here.

Date:  Wednesday

Time: Lunchtime

Location: Flex

Entry Requirements: Open to all students

Club Convener: Youth Ministry Coordinator

Debating & Public Speaking

Both speaking experiences develop skills in reasoning and persuasion and provide unique opportunities for students in terms of academic, emotional and social growth.

Debaters and public speakers develop the ability to think critically and articulate their views about philosophical, ethical and moral issues and current affairs. Debating also boosts teamwork, listening and research skills.

Selected teams participate in the Catholic Schools Debating Association (CSDA) debating competition in Terms 1.

In Public Speaking, students participate in the Catholic Schools Debating Association competition in Term 2.

Convener: Gabrielle Formosa

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Designed to help build self-esteem, the program has enabled Mercy Catholic students (ages 14+) to become more confident, interactive members of the community.

Recognised and highly valued by employers and community organisations, the benefits gained from the attainment of a Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award are many. Each year the Bronze Award is offered to our Year 9 students with many moving on to complete the Silver and Gold Award during their senior years.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award compulsory registration fee are as follows:

New South Wales
Bronze registration     $145*
Silver registration        $155*
Gold registration         $180*
+   Annual Affiliation fee *
+   Hike fee *

This covers insurance and access to the mandatory Online Record Book.

Involvement of dedicated Mercy Catholic College staff ensure that costs are kept to a minimum however an additional fee is charged for hikes and equipment.

Students may speak with Mrs Kellendonk regarding the program, College requirements, and associated fees.

For further Award information students and parents are advised to visit the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award website:

Bronze Award
Silver Award
Gold Award

*Prices may vary.