Why Us
All-girls learning environment

Research shows that girls in an all-girls’ learning environment thrive!


Research shows that an all-girls’ education leads to higher academic achievement and higher social and emotional confidence. They have more leadership opportunities, they have greater participation in subjects such as Science, Technology and Mathematics and are more likely to pursue university studies and careers in STEM fields. They also have enhanced career aspirations.

A girls’ only learning environment is purposeful, calm, and supportive. Girls put themselves forward for opportunities and take risks in their learning. They feel comfortable to do things that they might otherwise feel self-conscious about.

In the Mercy environment which is welcoming, safe and inclusive, students can be themselves as they continue to grow and develop their ability to think and learn, their skill and knowledge in co-curricular areas, and in their faith.

There is something special about a Mercy student. She has grit, strong self-efficacy, courage and resilience. She feels empowered to achieve her full potential.