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Catering for differences

Learner Diversity

At Mercy Catholic College we recognise that the needs of our students are diverse, and we endeavour to accommodate the different learning styles, rates of learning and learning abilities.

Once a student’s needs are identified, the Learner Diversity team in consultation with parents/carers and outside professionals where appropriate, ensure that the student is provided with appropriate adjustments to facilitate equal access and participation in the curriculum.

The Learner Diversity team then assists teachers with the development of learning strategies, ensuring that the curriculum is differentiated to cater for the various levels of need. Those students who have a diagnosed or recognised learning difficulty or disorder have a College Adjustment Plan in place to meet their individual learning needs. Special Provisions are provided during exams for students who meet the NESA’s guidelines for Disability Provisions for the HSC.

Our Learner Diversity Team is made up of teachers who have qualifications in a variety of fields of Inclusive Education.  Students are supported by expert Learning Support Assistants who work with individual students in mainstream classes across a variety of subjects.  The College generally does not withdraw students with additional needs from classes.

Catholic Schools Broken Bay Vision of Learner Diversity through the Eileen O’Connor Catholic School 

Eileen O’Connor School will provide quality Catholic education for students with a disability from Kindergarten to Year 12.Collaborating in the Mission, focusing on human flourishing, using Christ’s example to serve, we believe that every child is a unique individual created by God and valued as an individual learner with strengths, gifts, and talents. 

Eileen O’Connor School (EOS) will provide a flexible and responsive model of education for students with disability through the structure of a Base School and a network of Support Classes in local parish schools. Transition between the Base School and Support Classes, or Support Classes and local parish school enrolment is facilitated. 

Catholic Schools Broken Bay currently has Eileen O’Connor Support Classes for students with a disability at St Martin’s Catholic School at Davidson, as well as at St Brendan’s Catholic School at Lake Munmorah. A third site on the North Shore, located at Prouille Catholic Primary School, Wahroonga will commence in 2024.


Families wishing to register an expression of interest in the Eileen O’Connor Base School are encouraged to do so via this link. 


Mercy Catholic College provides a nurturing and supportive environment in which gifted and talent students can develop their potential and become self-motivated, lifelong learners.

The College, recognises giftedness as a broad concept that encompasses various abilities, including intellectual, creative, leadership, social and physical skills.

Throughout each year a range of Enrichment Activities are made available for all Mercy students and staff. These cover all curriculum areas from The Arts to STEM. Some are run by Mercy College teachers, but many can be entered by students directly registering to the organisation running it.

We believe that students need the skills to move beyond their own perceived capacity or the assumed capacity of a cohort. Ideally, learners set goals for themselves, and reflectively make decisions about their learning choices. Students participate in classes which develop their knowledge about when and where to use particular strategies for learning or problem solving.

Through our gifted and talented programme students demonstrate persistence, independence, flexibility and motivation toward their studies. Students are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible!

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*Some programmes are marked in purple font, which means they are suggested for Gifted and Talented students however any student can participate.

There is something for everyone from BIG History, STEM Challenges, JJJ Unearthed, Gaming, 3D Animation, Filmmaking, Engineering Activities, Robotics, Public Speaking, Premier’s Reading Challenge, TOM, Future Problem Solving, Science Camps, Forensic Camps, Space Camps to Photography Competitions.