About Us
Our Values

At Mercy Catholic College we encourage students to think, question, accept responsibility and act with a social conscience so that they may uphold the Mercy Values as followers of Christ.

Our College Motto

“IN MELIORA CONTENDE Strive For Better Things”

Our Vision

Through excellence in education, our students become critical and creative thinkers with a sense of social responsibility and discipleship.

We are committed to providing a high quality education reflected by:

• academic challenge

• high quality care and an emphasis on student wellbeing

• happy students

• successful students.

Our Mission

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Broken Bay exist to educate and form young people in Catholic discipleship, offering them experiences of following Jesus as members of the Catholic community.

The Mercy Catholic College Mission is to work within the Catholic tradition and Mercy charism to educate, empower and inspire independent young women to achieve academic, social and spiritual growth.

Our Values

Respect – we honour each other, the sacredness of the earth and the resources we share.

Compassion – we put into practice an empathic understanding of the individual needs and cultural heritage of others.

Integrity – we communicate with sincerity and undertake ethical conduct.

Excellence – we aim to achieve the highest possible standard in all endeavours.

Hospitality – we create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.