Schedule of Fees

These fees are for 2020. They apply to all Australian citizens and permanent residents or temporary residents.

School Fees at Mercy Catholic College have two components:

  1. those set by the Diocese of Broken Bay for systemic schools
  2. those set by the College.


Years 7-8 9-10 11-12
Diocesan School Fees
per annum
1st Child $3,546.00 $3,683.00 $4,213.00
2nd Child  $2,836.80  $2946.40  $3,370.40
3rd Child  $1,773.00  $1,841.50  $2,106.50
4th and subsequent child                                      No charge
College Education Fee $2,200.00 per student
Parents & Friends Levy $120.00 per family per annum
Building Levy
$970.00 per family per annum

An annual invoice covering the full fees for the academic year is issued at the start of Term 1. The standard payment terms are over 3 instalments, due for payment at the end of February, May and July. Other terms, ie. Annual, Monthly, Fortnightly, Weekly are available on request.

Extra curriculum fees, e.g. Band fees, Music camp, Duke of Edinburgh scheme and sports activities are not included in the College Education Fee and will be payable during the year.

There are also additional fees for students in Years 9-12 for some elective subjects, e.g. Food technology.


  • Students continuing in TAFE courses will be billed in February.
  • Students commencing new courses in 2020 will be billed late February/early March.


This information is valid as of February 2020