Schedule of Fees


The 2024 fee structure for the first child at Mercy is outlined below:

Description Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12
Education Fee $7085 $7260 $7279  $7279  $7560 $7980
Supplementary Fee  $33 for School Magazine billed to eldest child only
Camps  $370 $0 $436 $0 $429 $395.50


Sibling discounts applied to education fee portion of total fee

Number of Education Fees billed to an account Discount to the Education Fee
1 0%
2 25%
3 55%
4+ 100%



The following subjects have an Elective fee with ranges from $50-$140:

a. Design & Technology

b. Drama

c. Earth & Environmental Sciences

d. Food Technology

e. Multimedia

f. Music

g. PDHPE (for First Aid course)

h. Textiles Technology

i. Visual Arts



Any charges other than those listed (Atomi curriculum software, band, instrument hire, chess, University competitions, costs associated with representative sport etc) are to be paid via our alternative payment platform (QKR, COMPASS Pay etc)



School fees are billed annually at the beginning of Term 1 by CSBB and are due in 10 monthly instalments. The first instalment is due 21st of February and the last payment being November. School fees may be paid more frequently (annually, fortnightly, or weekly), however the monthly instalment amount is to be paid by the 21st of the month. Our preferred method of payment for fees is BPAY.


Please reach out to the School Fees Liaison Team via email (schoolfees@dbb.org.au) or phone 7256 2888 for any assistance.