Schedule of Fees


Fee Amount
Education Fee:
Year 7 $6,426
Year 8 $6,585
Year 9 $6,623
Year 10 $6,602
Year 11 $7,063
Year 12 $7,350
Supplementary Fees:
Camp Year 7 $241
Retreat Year 11 $304
Retreat Year 12 $344
School Magazine $33
Elective Fees:
Design & Tech Yrs 9 -12 $90
Food Tech Yrs 9 -12 $120
Textiles Yrs 9 – 10 $80
Visual Arts Yrs 9 – 10 $70
Textiles & Design Y 11-12 $80
Visual Arts Yrs 11-12 $80
  1. Sibling discounts applied to education fee portion of total fee
  2. Any extra curricula charges other than those listed (band, instrument hire, chess, University competitions, school magazines, costs associated with representative sport etc.) are to be paid via our alternative payment platform (QKR, COMPASS Pay etc).


School fees are billed annually at the beginning of Term 1 by CSBB and are due in 10 monthly instalments. The first instalment is due 21st of February and the last payment  being 21 November. School fees may be paid more frequently (annually, fortnightly    or weekly), however the monthly instalment amount is to be paid by the 21st of the month. Our preferred method of payment for fees is BPAY. Fees can also be paid by EFTPOS or Credit Card.

Sibling discounts will apply on the Education Fee. These discounts provide a 25% reduction for the second child, 55% reduction for the third child and 100% reduction for the fourth and subsequent children. Sibling discounts are applicable across systemic secondary and primary schools within the Diocese of Broken Bay. Students attending systemic schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney, Diocese of Parramatta and Diocese of Wollongong may also be eligible for sibling discounts. Sibling discounts are only available on application. To apply, families must complete and submit the Family Registration Form.

This information is valid as of March 2022.