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The Central Australia Immersion

After a rocky start (cancelled flight on the first day) the girls and I along with 15 students and two teachers form St Joseph’s East Gosford) headed to Yulara (Uluru) to start our now 9-day Immersion in Indigenous people and culture. We went on some tourist walks around Kata Tjuta and Uluru and then headed to the first Homeland – Kurku – with Traditional Owners John and Lorraine welcoming us in to their home. We sources Witchetty grubs, made clap sticks and had long discussions around the fire about issues facing Indigenous people in the NT.

We then headed to Ampwerre (Black Tank) where Traditional Owners Veronica and Pamela did the same – with the added bonus of strong female representation, we learned language and made some of our own Bush Medicine.

Saying ‘see you later’ was the hardest part – and the girls are now strong advocates for the Indigenous communities we met as well as those in our local community.