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SHAPE: Industrial Technology: Multimedia
Let’s extend our congratulations to Mary Domingo, a Year 12 Industrial Technology: Multimedia student, for her well-deserved nomination for the Shape exhibition at the Powerhouse. The Shape exhibition is a yearly showcase of outstanding Multimedia Projects at the Powerhouse Museum. We applaud Mary for her remarkable accomplishment and her unwavering commitment to her major project throughout the year.

“My World”

My lyric music video brings to life an original song through dreamy film and animation. I combine footage, frame by frame animation, motion and 3D tweening, photography, and audio production together to create a youthful and outer space world.

Through these techniques, I want to express the feeling of finding yourself in a happy state of mind through music, and encourage the audience to immerse themselves here and join this character on their journey.

Experience through the carefully crafted point of view to explore my world!