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Reflections on the Year 7 Belong Day with the Broken Bay Diocese

The recent Year 7 Belong Day, organized in collaboration with the Youth Mission Team (YMT), offered a remarkable opportunity for students to dive deep into their spirituality, engage in meaningful discussions, and forge new connections within the Broken Bay Diocese community. The feedback from participants underscores the event’s profound impact, highlighting the enriching experiences and personal growth fostered throughout the day.

Participants overwhelmingly found the Spirituality Day engaging and enriching, attributing their deepened spiritual understanding to the varied activities and discussions led by the YMT. Students, both from Year 7 and Year 10 youth ministry CSYMA class, reflected on the day’s ability to draw them closer to their spirituality and to God, underscoring the effectiveness of integrating faith into interactive and reflective sessions.

A key aspect of the day was the emphasis on building new connections through Truth, Beauty and Goodness, and developing leadership skills. Through small group discussions facilitated by Year 10 CSYMA students, Year 7s were encouraged to step out of their comfort zones, engage with new ideas, and express their thoughts. This setup not only helped in nurturing a sense of belonging but also equipped older students with valuable leadership and public speaking experience.

The Spirituality Day inspired students towards personal growth and a deeper engagement with their faith. Many expressed a newfound inspiration to become more active within their catholic communities and to view their faith journey as a priority. The stories and experiences shared during the day served as powerful catalysts for reflection and action, encouraging students to pursue their paths with renewed faith and confidence.

Special thanks to the Year 10 CSYMA Youth Ministry class who helped to lead many parts of the day. Your active participation and honest feedback are crucial in making such events meaningful and impactful. To all year 7 students, staff, and parents who contributed to the Year 7 Belong Day, your involvement and insights are immensely appreciated. We look forward to continuing this journey of faith and fellowship together, inspired by the lessons learned and the connections made during this special day.