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Mercy Week
We concluded our Mercy Week celebrations with the Eucharist to commemorate our Feast Day, celebrate our 130 Anniversary birthday and commission our incoming 2021 College Leaders.  We were delighted to have the Most Reverend Bishop Anthony Randazzo and our Parish Priest Fr. Jim con-celebrate the Mass with our community.  Bishop Anthony shared with us that he was blessed to have a Mercy Education and recognised the incredible faith and witness of the Mercy Sisters who taught him.
Bishop Anthony made a special mention of Catherine McAuley and our Mercy values that truly embody the mission and teachings of Christ. Catherine McAuley was a woman of Mercy. She was a woman filled with the Holy Spirit, inspired by the Beatitudes to build God’s Kingdom. She spread the Christian message of mercy and hope despite the obstacles of her time, carrying out the works of mercy and proclaiming to a people whose lives were bound by poverty.


Unusually this year we were unable to gather as a whole community and in their absence, I would like to acknowledge, Sr Loreto Conroy, Congregational Leader for North Sydney and the many Sisters of Mercy, who would have attended our Mercy Feast Day Mass. They are the true custodians of our Mercy Charism and inspire us in living out the Mercy values.

Our school community, whilst they were unable to attend the Mass, were able to watch the Commissioning of our 2021 College Student Leaders and the tradition of the passing on of the light of leadership to our incoming College Captain Sophie S via live stream.


Mercy Week has been a huge success this year and I am just so proud of the generosity shown by our College community particularly in this time of uncertainty and financial hardship for many of our families.

Our fundraisers which included the Year 10 Fashion Parade, Year 11 Fri-Day Lunch and Year 12 Fundraising Activities were successful in raising over $5,000. This money will be donated to the Mercy Foundation which is working to end homelessness in Australia as well as funding the building of a new primary school in Vietnam.

Ms Gabie Stojanovski
Director of Mission & Religious Education



Year 8 Reflections and Thoughts on Mercy Week

Last Week was the school’s Mercy Week and I was worried for a few weeks prior that it wouldn’t happen, but I’m so glad it did. I loved seeing the teachers go up against the Year 12’s in a game of netball, and thought it was so nice to see how many fundraisers were held to raise money. Zoe

I enjoyed the fundraiser as it was fun and the money goes to a good cause. I enjoyed the Year Kahoot and the fact that the whole Year was involved. Zara

Mercy Week was great. Same as last year but obviously not as fun due to Covid. But that’s okay, since we understood what we needed to do to keep safe. Also, we enjoyed moving around to the activities and the activities were very fun. I did enjoy moving around as a Year Group because we got to hang out with our friends, it was a good way to move everyone around without too much crowding. Fundraisers were great, I was happy with spending my money because I knew it would go to a good cause. The Mass Zoom had some technical difficulties but it all worked out in the end. Natasha

I enjoyed Mercy Week with all the fun music and food. I understand that it was hard this year to have activities that are COVID friendly. Overall though I feel Mercy Week was kind of fun this year. Tahlia

Mercy Week was fun despite COVID and social distancing. The tense netball game was a thrill to watch from our A Block Window and the Library Live Stream and fundraisers were still very fun and incorporated making masks which I thought was very creative of the Year Group that hosted it. Mass via Zoom was entertaining as well, but most importantly, it shows not to take life without a pandemic for granted. Hayley

I think that Mercy Week was great! The netball game was very entertaining, personally I think that Wednesday was the best day out of the whole week; that is probably due to it being mufti day that day. The fact that the money made in this week is all going to charity made it a lot more worth doing. Mass via Zoom was hilarious. Overall I think Mercy Week was excellent this year especially the conditions that it was happening under. Elizabeth