Mercy Week 2018 - Legacy Outreach - Mercy Catholic College Chatswood
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Mercy Week 2018 – Legacy Outreach



Last Friday, a group of about 20 Year 10 girls participated in the Legacy outreach collection. Our task was to sell as many badges and pens as possible and collect donations too.

Some highlights of my day included talking to members of the public and being able to have the opportunity to give back to society through volunteer work.

Another highlight of the day was when the Street Mission girls joined us and we all sang to the public! Altogether, I think it was a really great experience and I really recommend it for the girls next year. (Anika)

A man bought a $50 badge from me and I was very excited because I thought I wouldn't be able to sell any of the $50 ones, the man was in his late 40s. As he was giving me the $50 I asked him why he had bought the most expensive badge and he said " Legacy helped my family and me when we were having a hard time, I’d like to help them back" I was very touched with what he said and very proud to be spending my Friday helping Legacy. (Michaella)

I found Legacy as a really heartwarming experience. One particular moment that I remember was when one lady who walked past me, came back to buy a badge and said 'Sorry, I had to come back – I couldn't resist your friendly smile' (Jana)

Legacy was definitely experience. Some times of the day it was really slow and no one was buying anything, but there were parts where many people came and bought something or donated, especially when we were busking and singing church songs. (Alexandra)

Legacy was an important opportunity to interact with the public in order to support a great cause. It was great to collaborate with friends and see people donate so generously to help others. (Catherine)

I really enjoyed volunteering with Legacy, and it was great having so many people coming up to me, thanking me for volunteering for such a good cause. (Lauren)