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Mercy Cricket wants you for our second cricket team!!

Since our first game, two years ago, our highlights have included:

Having the best ranked fielding team

Having the second highest wicket taker

Coming third out of ten teams

Reaching the semi finals in our first season

We are very close to having a second Mercy team but need more girls to play for this to happen.  The following are some details to help you:

My daughter has never played cricket before. Will she be out of her depth?

No not at all.  No experience is necessary. When we started in 2016, ten of the girls had not played cricket before. 

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

No.  Mercy Cricket will provide bats, pads, gloves, helmets etc.  If you want to use your own equipment, then that is fine too! A registration fee is payable cost TBA

What is the format of the game?

We play 9-a-side T20 cricket against other teams.  Everyone must bowl and at Mercy we always try to ensure everyone has a bat as well.

When and where are the games played?

The games are played on a Saturday afternoon, normally at 1pm.  However, we have played some 2pm games. Games are played on the North Shore.

How long is a season?

The spring season runs from mid-October to early-December.  The Summer season runs from End of January to Mid-March.

How safe will my daughter be whilst playing cricket?

Very safe!  Its mandatory to wear cricket helmets when batting and wicket keeping.  Also, pads and gloves must be worn. 

When is training and who trains the team?

Training is once a week normally at 5pm.  Mercy has three qualified coaches to train the girls.

For more details email or see Mrs Kellendonk.