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A Thousand Cranes

In March, we began rehearsals for the upcoming combined Mercy College Chatswood and St Pius X College play, A Thousand Cranes by Karen Schultz Miller. The play is an appropriation of the novel ‘Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes’ and is directed by Ms Caron, Mercy College Drama teacher.

The play is based on the true story of 12 year old Sadako Saski. When Sadako falls ill her friend Kenji reminds her of an ancient Japanese story; “If a sick person folds a 1000 origami cranes, the Gods will grant her wish, and make her healthy again.” With boundless optimism, she takes on the task of folding hundreds of origami cranes. Rehearsals so far have been going extremely well as characters and ensemble prepare to share Sadako’s journey.

Hannah: “I read this book in primary school and rehearsing for the play now is a great experience. Everyone is working really hard and we are looking forward to showcasing the story of Sadako.”

Sam: “It’s an awesome experience to work on.”

John-Paul: “As a Year 11 drama student looking to do drama for Year 12 HSC, I believe that ‘1000 Paper Cranes’ is a great production for me to be a part of because it is very dynamic and technically demanding. Which gives me great experience for going into the HSC.”

James: “This is the fourth production I’ve taken part in. 1000 paper cranes unique storyline, characters and techniques gives it the distinctive atmosphere that I’m sure the students and audience will enjoy”

Claudia and Bella: “The story of Sadako and her paper cranes has always been a classic so being able to take part in this production was very special to both of us. With the seriousness of her story, everybody is very respectable whilst rehearsing and everybody is very dedicated and committed to their parts. We’re very excited for everyone to see this production as we have all worked hard to put it together.”

A Thousand Cranes will be performed at the Sarto Centre

Wednesday 27th June 7pm
Thursday 28th June 7pm

Tickets will be available through TryBooking from 8th June.

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