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Honours Programme 

Introduced in 2012, the programme allows students to graduate from any Year level at Mercy College with Honours.  

The programme focuses on developing well rounded students with not only high academic achievement but also involvement in co-curricular activities and social justice initiatives.

To be able to graduate with Honours, students must consistently maintain high academic achievement by being in the top 10% of the form.

Students must also be involved in at least one co-curricular activity i.e. school based enrichment club, College sporting team, College Band, College Choir, College debating team etc and be actively involved in a social justice service activity within and outside the College.

Students who meet all the criteria and graduate from their Year group as an Honour Student are presented with Honours at the Mercy College Awards Night.  

In the first year of the programme 43 students registered, of which 24 Mercy students graduated from their Year with Honours.

Interest in the programme has grown considerably with enrolments almost triple that of the starting year.  In 2016, 114 students have registered in the programme, all aiming to achieve end of year success.