Religious Dimension


The liturgical life of the College is integral to the faith formation our students and our participation in the life of the Church.

At Mercy College, we are committed to providing liturgical experiences which reflect the life of the community, celebrate God among us and affirm the leadership of women in ritual and ministry. Liturgy reflects the cycle of the Church’s seasons; the stages in the life journey of the individual and responds to events, developments and crises which touch the human community.

Following the Liturgical and School Calendar students celebrate being Catholic.

Communal experiences of prayer and Eucharist are essential and formative experiences for our students. All students are encouraged to be involved, and many demonstrate leadership at these special occasions.

The College Liturgy Prefect and Liturgy Representatives (Years 7-11) work in partnership with the Religious Education Co-ordinator, the Youth Ministry Co-ordinator, the RE Team, musicians, artists and dancers to create meaningful rituals which engage the whole community.

The College is closely involved with Our Lady of Dolour’s Parish and our masses are led by priests from the parish.

College liturgies are held once a month and students attend mass for the commencement of the school year, Ash Wednesday, Mercy Day, Year 12 Graduation, Advent and significant celebrations in the diocese.