Co-curricular Activities

Music Programmes

Students are encouraged to become involved in the wide range of optional co-curricular musical activities at Mercy Catholic College. Girls who are studying Elective Music in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 are expected to be involved in at least one co-curricular music group.

The Co-Curricular Music Staff consists of:

  • Mr Matthew Robertson: Music Teacher Coordinator of Co-curricular Music & College Choir
  • Ms Kathryn McGreal: Music Teacher Chamber Choir & Junior Strings
  • Mr Mark Strykowski: Concert Band Director & Orchestra
  • Ms Patricia Amphlett: Singing Tutor
  • Ms Lucy Roh: Piano Tutor
  • Mrs Valerie Dart: Violin & Viola
  • Ms YoungSu Kim: CelloTutor
  • Mr Zac Coombs: Guitar Tutor
  • Mr Mark Cropton: Clarinet & Saxophone Tutor
  • Mr Michael Roh: Piano Tutor
  • Mrs Rachel Herbert: Flute Tutor

Co-Curricular Music Programmes Offered

Concert Band Program

A wide range of band instruments are available for study and hire. The College Concert Band rehearses each Tuesday morning at 7.20am in C35, and represents the school at a variety of functions throughout the year. Girls in the Concert Band must be receiving lessons on their instrument (either through the College or outside the College). At Mercy, band members have access to private tuition on a variety of instruments.


Band Fees: All girls in the Concert Band will be charged an annual rate of $160.00 which will be billed with your daughter’s fees.

Choral Program

The College offers two types of vocal ensemble – the College Choir and Chamber Choir.

College Choir
The College Choir requires a brief audition to determine students’ voice types. All students are encouraged from Years 7 – 12 to join. The Choir rehearses each Monday at lunch in C35. It is expected that all girls who are in the Choir are committed to the weekly rehearsals, mass and events. Choir members are also expected to attend the Music Camp in July.

Chamber Choir
Membership to the Chamber Choir is by audition. Students sing a range of choral repertoire at an advanced level. This group also works towards public performances and choral competitions. Members will also attend the Music Camp. Rehearsal is Wednesday morning from 7.45am.


Choir Fees: All girls in the Choral Program will be charged an annual rate of $60.00 which will be billed to your College account. This fee will used for purchase of repertoire and competition costs.

Small Ensembles Program

String Ensemble
The String Ensemble rehearses every Thursday morning from 7.30am – 8.30am. Any student who plays violin, viola, cello or bass is encouraged to join. 

Guitar Ensemble
The Guitar Ensemble rehearses each Thursday morning from 7.30am – 8.30am. Any student receiving guitar lessons is encouraged to join.


Small Ensemble Fees: Ensemble programs run for 8 weeks of every term. Ensemble fees cover the costs of external tutors who direct and manage the ensemble, sheet music, eisteddfod entry fees and external accompanists.

The 2018 fee for each ensemble is $160 per semester. This amount will be billed to your College account. Students joining an ensemble must complete the appropriate form, and have it signed by parents and the ensemble director. Fees are not refundable, as girls are expected to remain in their ensembles for the semester.

Music Camp 
All girls in the Band, Choirs and String Ensemble participate in an overnight Music Camp in Term 2 (3rd and 4th July). There will be an additional charge (~$220) for the camp. Further details will be given during Term 1 & 2.

Private Instrumental Program

It is the school policy to facilitate private music lessons. All financial arrangements are made between the tutors, the students and their parents.

The following instruments are available for private tuition (subject to demand)

  • Piano
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Voice
  • Trumpet
  • Saxophone
  • Guitar/Bass
  • Violin/Viola/Cello
  • Drum Kit/Percussion


Lessons Fees: Lessons are offered 1 x 30 minute lesson per week. The Cost is $40 Accounts for private music lessons will be issued by the tutor by Week 4 of each term. Fees must be paid within 4 weeks of receiving the account. If fees have not been paid by the end of the term, students will not be allowed to continue lessons the following term. Lessons can be recommenced once the amount owed for the previous term has been paid. The music tutor will sometimes order music books, etc. for the students. These costs are to be met by the parents and paid directly to the music tutor. 

Any students entering for practical examinations pay an entrance fee directly to the tutor who will organise details with the various Examinations Boards. Please Note: In the event of withdrawal before the examination, fees are not refundable from the Examination Boards.
Music tuition fees are non-refundable.

Instrument Hire
The following instruments are available for

  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trombone
  • Trumpet
  • Tuba
  • Saxophone
  • Violin/Viola
  • Guitar


The hire rate is $170 per year and is billed with your daughter school fees. If you wish to hire a school instrument you must first complete a hire form agreeing to take full responsibility for the instrument. School instruments are only available for hire while a student is taking lessons on that instrument from a tutor at Mercy College. School instruments are not available for hire to any student who is learning outside the College.

For any further information and enquiries please contact Matthew Robertson or (02) 9419 2890

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