About Mercy Catholic College

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan was developed in consultation with staff, students and parents and therefore reflects the future direction of the College as indicated by our community.

Catholic Identity in the Mercy Tradition

Catholic values and beliefs underpin the College’s existence and are practised within the Mercy tradition.

  1. Depth of  knowledge and understanding of Catholic values in the context of the Mercy charism and tradition
  2. A Social Justice programme that provides a variety of opportunities for students to experience and practise the Gospel message.
  3. Liturgical celebrations and opportunities for spiritual growth that enhance the faith journeys of the individual and the community.

Community Relationships

Positive and inclusive relationships within the school and broader community which will enhance the well being and sense of responsibility of our students.

  1. Pastoral care structures and policies which support the well-being of staff, students and families.
  2. Strong partnerships with parents and the broader community to enhance the learning opportunities for students.
  3. A  high College profile in the wider community to ensure the on-going sustainability of enrolments.


College policies which reflect the changing nature of the school community, within a physical infrastructure which supports and enhances the learning and working environment.

  1. Principles and practices for students and staff that will assist in the reliability of the College’s technology
  2. A regular maintenance plan of school buildings and external areas
  3. A system of review and implementation of whole school policies which enhances management systems.

Leadership Development

All levels of leadership will be supported by an inclusive and comprehensive framework to empower and inspire the College community.

  1. Opportunities exist to build the leadership capabilities of individuals within the community so that students and staff can confidently put Mercy values into practice.
  2. Mercy students are learners, thinkers, leaders and most importantly, young women of action and compassion.

Teaching and Learning

A stronger partnership between teachers and students to cater for individual differences, to foster a passion for independent learning and to achieve full academic potential.

  1. Strong learning partnerships between teachers and students which create a student centred approach to learning, recognising the needs of the individual
  2. Professional development of staff which assists teachers in the design and delivery of high quality learning programmes, responding to emerging technologies
  3. Data is used to inform pedagogies that enhance student learning, well-being and resilience.


An environment which is aware of the need for sustainability and care for our planet.

  1. An attractive environment which will assist to enhance students’ well-being.
  2. Students and staff have a sense of stewardship of their school environment and an understanding of their responsibilities as global citizens.